Our Ideology

Strategic positioning: Produce and market the best fish for the consumer.

Purpose: Quality of life.

Vision: Be among the three largest companies producing Tilapia in Latin America.

Mission: Produce and market quality fish, ensure customers’ satisfaction and employees’ development.


Social Responsibility

Netuno stands out for its human resources practices

Ensure quality of life and a healthier work environment. Those who work at Netuno have the opportunity to grow within the company. The initiative ensures success in professional career. At Netuno, the holidays are celebrated among employees and their families. Contributing to the social development is also our responsibility.

Reuse is a must

Fish by-products processed in the Netuno industry of Paulo Afonso, state of Bahia, are transformed into flour and fish oil to be used as animal feed. The leather is exported to Europe.

ASC Seal

Our tilapia farms located in Pernambuco State are the first in Brazil to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, an independent not for profit organisation with global influence, which primary role is to manage international standards for responsible aquaculture, promoting the best environmental and social pratices towards sustainability.

Social partners

Our social partners are Fundação Terra and Instituto de Medicina Integral Professor Fernando Figueira (Imip). It is with great pride that Netuno contributes to these institutions effectively, providing a better life to low-income children. Imip awarded Netuno with the seal of Solidary Company. In the State, only Imip is authorized to grant this seal.


Logistics, Storage and distribution process

On Netuno’s successful trajectory, logistics were essential for the company to become a reference in the market of fresh and frozen foods. For Netuno’s products to reach you and become delicious recipes, there is a team working 24 hours a day. The company is a national reference in delivery services. It's performance relies on high-tech distribution and storage, according to the latest market trends.


Netuno Group relies on the most complete tilapia processing plant units in Brazil. Located in the region of Paulo Afonso City, backlands of Pernambuco, the structure consists in a central hatchery, two cultivation farms, a fish processing plant and factories of fish flour an fish oil.


  • 1989


    A fish store is born in Recife, which would later become Netuno Group, a leader in the fish market in Brazil.

  • 1993

    Ten largest

    Netuno conquests a prominent place among the ten largest exporters of seafood in the country.

  • 1997

    The Industry

    The Group opens its fish processing industry in Recife.

  • 2000

    In the 2000’s

    Netuno opens it's first shrimp farm on the North coast of Pernambuco State.

  • 2005

    Four thousand tons

    Opening of distribution center, with a capacity of four thousand tons of product.

  • 2006

    Cultivation farms

    The first farm inaugurated for the cultivation of Tilapia, in the region of the São Francisco River, on the border of Pernambuco backlands.

  • 2007

    Netuno Emporium

    Netuno Group invests in your own retail stores and inaugurates Netuno Emporium, stores specialized in seafood.

  • 2010

    Partnership with the Japanese

    Netuno Group joins a Joint Venture.

  • 2014

    100% national

    Netuno Group is back to be 100% national again.

  • 2016

    Olympics + ASC Seal

    In 2016 our fish win the ASC seal. Netuno is the only industry certified with ASC certification in Brazil in this year. In this same year, Netuno's tilapia was widely served as part of the main menu of the Rio 2016 olympics athletes.